Introduction: young people’s attitudes and values

Jacqueline O’Reilly and Clémentine Moyart

Who do young people trust and why?

Niall O’Higgins and Marco Stimolo

‘One step forward’: resilient strategies supporting the aspirations of vulnerable young people in foster care

Young people partners: Ross, Jaymi, Sunneka, Amy, Matt, Sitara, Raija, Rosa, Katy, Chloe, Lorna, Laura, Sam, Katarina and Lefteris; Academic authors: Angie Hart, Claire Stubbs, Stefanos Plexousakis, Maria Georgiadi and Elias Kourkoutas

What matters to young mums?

Emma Mckay and Emma Feasey

Are young people outsiders and does it matter?

Alessandro Arrigoni and Emanuele Ferragina

The STYLE SQUAD @ European Parliament: European Youth Event (EYE)

Clémentine Moyart and Jacqueline O’Reilly

Emerging policy lessons from research on youth attitudes and values

Angie Hart, Niall O’Higgins, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Endre Sik