Handbook Contents

Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe

Jacqueline O’Reilly, Mark Smith, Tiziana Nazio and Clémentine Moyart

Introduction: young people’s attitudes and values

Jacqueline O’Reilly and Clémentine Moyart

Who do young people trust and why?

Niall O’Higgins and Marco Stimolo

‘One step forward’: resilient strategies supporting the aspirations of vulnerable young people in foster care

Young people partners: Ross, Jaymi, Sunneka, Amy, Matt, Sitara, Raija, Rosa, Katy, Chloe, Lorna, Laura, Sam, Katarina and Lefteris; Academic authors: Angie Hart, Claire Stubbs, Stefanos Plexousakis, Maria Georgiadi and Elias Kourkoutas

What matters to young mums?

Emma Mckay and Emma Feasey

Are young people outsiders and does it matter?

Alessandro Arrigoni and Emanuele Ferragina

The STYLE SQUAD @ European Parliament: European Youth Event (EYE)

Clémentine Moyart and Jacqueline O’Reilly

Emerging policy lessons from research on youth attitudes and values

Angie Hart, Niall O’Higgins, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Endre Sik

What drives youth unemployment?

Kari Hadjivassiliou, Laura Kirchner Sala and Stefan Speckesser

What policies are effective in combatting youth unemployment?

Francisco J. Gonzalez Carreras, Laura Kirchner Sala and Stefan Speckesser

Comparing youth transition regimes in Europe

Werner Eichhorst, Kari Hadjivassiliou and Florian Wozny

Introduction: What are the barriers to and triggers for policy innovation?

Maria Petmesidou and María C. González Menéndez

Policy learning, networks and diffusion of policy ideas

Maria Petmesidou and María C. González Menéndez

Gender inequalities in the early labour market experience of young Europeans

Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Alina Şandor and Paola Villa

Policy-making and gender mainstreaming

Fatoş Gökşen, Alpay Filiztekin, Mark Smith, Çetin Çelik and İbrahim Öker

What have we learnt about policy innovation and learning?

Maria Petmesidou, María C. González Menéndez and Kari Hadjivassiliou

Are student workers crowding out low-skilled youth?

Miroslav Beblavý, Brian Fabo, Lucia Mýtna Kureková and Zuzana Žilinčíková

How different are youth and adult labour market transitions?

Vladislav Flek, Martin Hála and Martina Mysíková

What are the drivers of overeducation?

Seamus McGuinness, Adele Bergin and Adele Whelan

Skills and education mismatch: Policy themes

Seamus McGuinness, Lucia Mýtna Kureková and Vladislav Flek

Changing patterns of migration in Europe

Mehtap Akgüç and Miroslav Beblavý

East2West and North2North: Youth migration and labour market intermediaries in Austria and Norway

Christer Hyggen, Renate Ortlieb, Hans Christian Sandlie and Silvana Weiss

Four stories of migration

Christer Hyggen, Renate Ortlieb, Hans Christian Sandlie and Silvana Weiss

What happens to young people moving to Germany, Norway and the UK to find work?

Janine Leschke, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Thees Spreckelsen

How well integrated are young EU migrants in the UK workforce?

Thees Spreckelsen and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Return Migration to CEE after the crisis: Estonia and Slovakia

Jaan Masso, Lucia Mýtna Kureková, Maryna Tverdostup and Zuzana Žilinčíková

Emerging policy lessons for youth migration

Lucia Mýtna Kureková and Renate Ortlieb

Workless parents, workless children?

Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi and Paola Villa

What a difference a mum makes

Mark Smith and Genevieve Shanahan

Is any job better than no job?

Marianna Filandri, Tiziana Nazio and Jacqueline O’Reilly

Leaving and returning to the parental home during the economic crisis

Fatoş Gökşen, Deniz Yükseker, Alpay Filiztekin, İbrahim Öker, Fernanda Mazzotta and Lavinia Parisi

When do you start your own family?

Elena Mariani and András Gábos

Policy themes on family matters

Tiziana Nazio and András Gábos

Introduction: Balancing flexibility and security for young people during the crisis

Raul Eamets, Katrin Humal, Miroslav Beblavý, Ilaria Maselli, Kariappa Bheemaiah, Mark Smith, Mairéad Finn and Janine Leschke

The quality of young Europeans’ employment: A dynamic perspective

Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Alina Şandor and Paola Villa

Youth school-to-work transitions: From entry jobs to career employment

Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Gabriele Mazzolini, Alina Şandor and Paola Villa

The strange non-death of ALMPs

Magnus Paulsen Hansen and Janine Leschke

Do young people want Universal Basic Income?

Mark Smith and Genevieve Shanahan